Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have been having the best time ever since I bought this cotton candy-like jacket everyone around me has wanted to either hug me, cuddle me or pet me. I have never felt so loved by so many people (including ones that I don't even actually know that well) in such a short amount of time. Therefore I decided this jacket is gonna be my new best friend and I think I should just wear it any time I feel a bit down and need a hug (from anyone)! Also, it kind of reminds me of the little girl from the movie Despicable that screams It's so fluffyyyyyy I'm gonna die! when she points out to a stuffed animal she sees at the fair (not that I want to be compared with a stuffed animal much, but still). Besides, this jacket just looks freaking amazing I think! Would you agree?

Much love ~

Fluffy jacket | H&M
Leather jacket | Urban Outfitters
Jeans | H&M
Shoes | Nike

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  1. cute pics@@@

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  2. Geweldig vestje!!! Ik wil het ook zooo graag maar jammer genoeg geen h&m trend in de buurt.
    Mooie foto's ook meid!

    1. Ja ik had de laatste hier in Amsterdam. Lucky me!


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