Monday, August 18, 2014

Ever since I have bought this jacket I have only worn it twice I think. TWICE, can you believe that? I guess I just somehow keep forgetting its existence... Don't even really know why or how because I'm still madly in love with this piece! So I decided, something pretty like this deserves more attention. Therefore this post. Here we go lil shaggie, the stage (blog) is all yours! By keeping the rest of my outfit clean all eyes are on the jacket, and that's exactly what you want when wearing a statement piece like this. 

What is your opinion on statement items like these? Would you wear an outfit like this or would you have styled it totally different?

Jacket | Lovers and Drifters



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FRUIT MADNESS. There is no way around it! Somehow taking pictures of, and taking pictures with, different kind of fruits (particularly pineapples) seem to have become a hype. 'They photograph so well', is what many people say and I have to admit, they do. Especially pineapples with their rough structure and spiky leaves. I took a picture with a pineapple and even though the attribute itself looked photogenic the look didn't really do me any good, so I decided to go for melons. Not that famous as our spiky friends but they served their purpose well: randomly taking a fun picture. They do cheer up the setting don't you think? Also, I have always asked myself how it would feel to have big boobies, and this way I kind of got a taste of it.
What do you guys think of this hype? I have to admit that a candycrush hype would be welcome as well. Taking pictures with candy (and eating them afterwards) sounds very tempting to me!



Monday, August 11, 2014

I have never posted a sporty look on the blog before, but there's a first time for everything! When I go to the gym I always wear workout leggings, a (looser fit) top and my Nike runners. The two workout leggings I have are black. Nice and simple, but nothing special. Some times I will just drool over cool printed ones I come across at the gym. 'Maybe I'll run faster with a print like that on my legs?' (Obviously not, but hey, a girls is aloud to fantasize right?) So when these Protest ones from Van Tilburg Online arrived I got really excited. Don't you think they're super cool? The print is in black and grey, so not too crazy. I feel like they're just right! Protest, you hit the spot with these bad boys! Oh, and girls, I will for sure let you know if I actually run faster wearing these (or lift heavier weights, who knows!)

Have a nice (sporty) day!

Protest workout legging | Van Tilburg Online (here)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Morning monkeys! What have you been up to? Any exciting news I need to hear about? Today I'm showing you one of my favorite summer buys: my blue kimono. My sister mentioned that this post should be having more pictures, to show more of the total outfit (I was wearing a bikini underneath - go figure - two different prints, really cute if you ask me). I totally agree with her on that part! Unfortunately this wasn't one of my best shooting days - don't we all know those 'off days'? - and when we shot these the sun was going down so we didn't have that much time. A shortage of time + shooting an outfit + an off day + me = not that many useable pictures. 
Long story short (am I rambling yet?), even though I can't show you much of this look, I still wanted to show you this kimono. Such an easy way to cover up with when you're going to the pool, beach or actually just to about anywhere if the weather allows you to. These kind of items don't only look good with a bikini, but also combined with jeans shorts and a T-shirt they rock!

Kimono | H&M (on sale!)



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aloha bunnies!

The French surroundings have pushed me into trying new things, shooting on different, non-citylike, locations. We walked around the foresty land close by our holiday home (or more like clumsily stumbled around on our tippy-toes trying not to get stung by the weeds) and eventually froze right at this spot. I'm wearing a silky dress from H&M - kind of looks like a chic nightgown - which I have purchased before the summer even started, but have never really got the chance to wear it properly (other than once as a festival dress). So I thought why not introduce this blue beauty to you guys.
Showing you these pictures makes me kind of nervous and excited at the same time. It's something totally different than usual, no streetstyle kind of shots. My lil sis says and I were talking about how it's good to keep renewing, showing different things, making sure you guys (and myself included) don't get bored. So so true. Still, trying new things is kind of scary sometimes as well. Just because you never know if it will work out, if I end up liking it myself, or if you will receive positive feedback. So I'm really curious what you're thinking...




Friday, July 25, 2014

La Salopette is French for dungarees. You must be thinking that my French has improved since I have spent two weeks on French land, but that is far from the truth. The house we rented was located in the Dordogne, somewhere practically in the middle of nowhere (a beautiful area - really quiet and peaceful in comparison to the Amsterdam city life) so I didn't get to practice much. (I don't consider ordering six croissants et deux baguettes as a heavy practice). So thank god for Google translate, which made it possible for me to enter this cute French title. 
Anyhow, being back in Amsterdam feels good (I always love to be reunited with my own bed, and friends of course). However, I would be lying if I would say that I'm not longing back to a pool or spending time with the family. OH, and wearing whatever the F I want. Total liberation! Most of the time I was hopping around in just my bikini bottoms, FREEDOM AT LAST! Having shared this information with you the outfit I'm wearing in this post will probably make more sense now. So here we go, dungarees and a bikini. Simple as that. And sometimes 'fashion' just needs a little simplicity.

Dungarees | ASOS (similar here and here)
Bikini top | H&M



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good morning love-bugs! How have you been? I'm writing you from France and am happy to say that the weather has been Great (with a capital G) the last few days. Or should I say Hot? Either way, some sun is just what we needed! A happy me results in a happy outfit. I'm usually not a big print person (I don't know why really), but when my eye caught this cute tanktop when I was wondering through the Forever21 I just couldn't leave without taking it with me. So here I am, flowery top, yellow wall and a big smile. Happy holidays!

What do you think? Should I be wearing more of these crazy prints? I would love to hear your opinions!

Top | Forever21 (sunflower tops: here, here and here)
Shorts | Levis (old)

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